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    You love to fish! But you don’t love sunburn and mosquitos. The best way to protect yourself is with a long sleeved shirt but they are so hot! The answer is simple – a long-sleeved T-shirt from Fishing Lifestyle Apparel. Comfortable and rated up to 30 SPF, these wonderful shirts help you have a great time with every cast![+]

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    Men and Women’s wear designed for anyone who loves fishing and wants a shirt designed to stay dry, stay cool, and always look great.


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    Don’t let an old reel or the wrong size or type of rod ruin your day on the water. You need something that’s ready when that trophy fish hits the line!


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    No angler is complete without the tackle, line, poles and lures necessary to hook that elusive “big one!” Click here to buy everything you need before you head out on the water for your first cast.


  • Purchase a shirt for yourself or buy some to give as gifts for your angler friends. You won’t be disappointed and anyone who receives one as a gift will be delighted. What better present to unwrap then the most stylish, comfortable T-shirt that also keeps the wearer from serious sunburn, bug bites and more! No more enduring an afternoon of soggy clothing after a big splash, your Fishing Lifestyle Apparel shirt will dry out quickly. No more wondering if you put enough sunblock on your upper arms or back. Your shirt will filter out the sun’s rays and protect your skin hour after hour. No more worries, “Will a long sleeved shirt be too hot for me?” This fabric “breathes” and you will be amazed at how cool you’ll stay.

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